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Apple’s Continuity Camera For iPhone As A Webcam

Apple is enhancing the webcam on the brand new M2 MacBooks; however, those of us who are still using our older MacBooks will be able to use our iPhones as webcams ( if we don’t want to look at our phone while we’re in a Zoom meeting). It all depends on each user’s requirements. In our survey, we find that most of the users are not even interested in the continuity camera for iPhone as a webcam.

In the latter part of this year, Apple will start selling a mount made by Belkin that enables users to attach their iPhone to the top of their MacBook. Then, you will be able to use iPhone camera functions such as portrait mode, center stage, and studio light, a new feature that brightens your face while darkening the background behind you, while on FaceTime calls from your laptop. You can also use the camera on your iPhone with other MacOS applications, such as Zoom.

Iphone Camera

Your phone’s camera can also provide a desk view in some way (wide-angle lenses, perhaps?), and this can be done without even adjusting your phone. If a math teacher, for example, wants to write out the steps to solve an equation without hooking up a tablet, this may be useful for them. In actuality, it most likely won’t look as good as it did in the keynote presentation; after all, whose desk is actually neat and tidy?

As its name suggests, Continuity Camera is an application that belongs to Apple’s suite of continuity tools. The company will also roll out a “handoff” feature, which will make it simpler than ever to switch between devices while simultaneously participating in a FaceTime call. If you are using FaceTime on your iPhone, for instance, you can move your phone close to your MacBook and the call will be transferred to your laptop without any interruptions. This saves you the trouble of having to hang up and start the call all over again.

It is anticipated that both of these features, as well as the Belkin mount, will become available later on in this year. While all of this is entertaining and useful, perhaps the next time Apple will incorporate a more capable camera into the actual laptop itself.

MacOS 13 With Iphone Camera

If an iPhone is in close proximity to a Mac that is running macOS 13, the Mac will automatically recognize and use the camera on the iPhone without the user having to wake it up or select it, and the iPhone will also be able to wirelessly connect to the Mac.

Continuity Camera includes FaceTime features such as Center Stage, Portrait mode, and a new Studio Light effect that illuminates a user’s face while dimming the background. Continuity Camera also includes the ability to take photos in RAW format.

In addition, Continuity Camera makes use of an iPhone’s Ultra-Wide camera to enable Desk View. This feature simultaneously displays the user’s face as well as an overhead view of their desk, making it useful for a variety of purposes including the creation of do-it-yourself videos, the presentation of sketches over FaceTime, and other activities.


The Continuity Camera feature is only available on iPhone models released after the XR. In order to use Continuity Camera wirelessly, you will need a Mac as well as an iPhone or iPad. Both of these devices must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and they will need to be signed in to the same Apple ID using two-factor authentication.

The Continuity Camera, which includes Center Stage and Desk View, is available on iPhone 11 and later models that are running iOS 16 or later. The Studio Light app can be downloaded on any iPhone 12 or later model that is running iOS 16.

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