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Best Diamond Natural Dog Food In 2022

The Diamond Naturals brand will be thoroughly discussed in this review, along with a brief rundown of additional formulas.

American company Diamond Pet Food is committed to giving pets the highest nutrition at the lowest cost. The company currently consists of five Diamond pet food brands that cater to the needs of dogs at all life stages and in different lifestyles. Every dog is provided with holistic nourishment that is balanced. It firmly thinks that every pet owner can find high-quality, reasonably priced dog food.

At its facilities, Diamond also produces pet food for other businesses, including Taste of the Wild, part of the Solid Gold dry foods, 4Health-Tractor Supply grain-inclusive recipes, and others.


Schell & Kampeter Inc. is the owner of Diamond Pet Foods Inc. With a solid conviction that our four-legged friends deserve the best nourishment, two brothers-in-law, Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter,founded the pet food production company in 1970. They began manufacturing their Diamond Naturals dog food after buying the Meta, Missouri, manufacturing site from a defunct milling business.

Later, they added cutting-edge equipment to its Meta plant, increasing the manufacturing capacity. To fulfill the rising demand for Diamond pet food, Diamond has acquired plants in Lathrop, California (1999), Gaston, South Carolina (2003), Ripon, California (2012), and Dumas, Arkansas (2016).

The maker of Diamond pet food, according to the company website, adheres to strict safety and quality requirements to guarantee that each batch of kibble or canned food fulfills the stated quality criteria. The business keeps an eye on and tests the raw materials that come into the facility, the working environment, the production procedures, and the finished goods.

The Diamond firm is currently run by the second generation of the Schell and Kampeter families. Professional breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and seasoned pet owners all put their trust in the company, which sells its products in more than 100 nations worldwide.


Can dogs eat Diamond Naturals dog food? The answer to this query is provided further on. I’d like to ask you to investigate the Diamond Naturals dog food line with me in the interim.

What distinguishes Diamond Naturals from Diamond and the other products created by this company? The recipes are created using a combination of high-quality animal proteins and other useful ingredients, which is referred to as the “Signature Naturals” label. The contentious substances present in inferior foods are likewise absent from the formula

Any dog can use the Diamond Naturals recipes. There are recipes for puppies and energetic pets who require more energy than a typical dog, as well as for adult small breeds and gigantic dogs. The canine recipes from Diamond Naturals are designed for outstanding quality and performance, regardless of your dog’s age or level of activity. They give pets a daily diet that is both complete and holistic. Every Diamond Naturals formula is constructed of premium nutrients, superfoods, antioxidant-rich fruit, fiber-rich veggies, and probiotics for immune and digestive support.

More than 20 varieties are available in both dry and canned forms under the Diamond Naturals dog food brand. Before I give a more thorough description of Diamond Naturals, let’s glance at the most popular recipes.

Senior Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals dog food comes in a variety of dry and canned recipes. Before I get into a more detailed Diamond Naturals overview, let’s take a quick look at the most popular recipes.

Senior Dry Dog Food Diamond Naturals

The first ingredient is delicious chicken. The protein and fat content are balanced for an aging dog.

Chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health

Probiotics are added for gut health.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Chicken and Rice Dry Dog Food

As the first ingredient, cage-free chicken is used.

Functional ingredients and superfoods

Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat

Glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health

Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food Grain-Free Beef & Sweet Potato Formula

Grain-free for dogs with sensitivities

The first ingredient is succulent beef.

Complex carbohydrates for sustained energy

Superfoods are included for added nutritional value.

Extreme Athlete Dog Food by Diamond Naturals

Boosts the performance and activity of high-performance and active dogs.

Animal proteins derived from chicken and eggs are abundant.

High protein and fat content to fuel an active dog

Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food for All Life Stages

Designed for dogs of all ages.

Contains cage-free chicken and superfoods and has optimal protein and fat levels to provide enough energy.

Adult Dry Dog Food Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Formula

Designed for adult dogs

No artificial flavors or byproducts

Probiotics and antioxidants are present.

Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food All Life Stages

Designed with sensitive skin in mind for canines

Omega-3 fatty acid-rich

Grain-free recipe with few ingredients for dogs with food-related skin sensitivities.


Designed to meet the needs of an elderly dog. Contains nutritious ingredients such as chicken and grains. To support joints, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

As dogs age, they require special nutrition that meets their dietary requirements while also helping to maintain their health. With this in mind, Diamond Naturals senior dog food was created to help dogs stay as healthy as possible as they age. Because it is recommended that aging dogs consume more protein to maintain lean muscle, this recipe contains 25% crude protein. This protein level allows the pet to avoid muscle tissue loss.

This recipe has been enhanced with K9 Strain Probiotics, which contain bacteria that support digestive and immune systems, allowing your dog to maintain an active lifestyle. This formula contains an optimal level of glucosamine and chondroitin, which contributes to the health of a pet’s joints. Because mature canines require 20% fewer calories than adults to maintain a healthy weight, this recipe for senior canines contains a beneficial amount of calories that is just right to fuel the pet without causing any weight issues.


Calories per cup: 318 kcal

Min. crude protein: 25.0 percent

11.0 percent minimum crude fat

3.00 percent minimum crude fiber

Maximum moisture content: 10%

Chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, ground white rice, egg, oatmeal, rice bran, dried beet pulp, and chicken fat are the main ingredients.

A perfect blend of nutrients supports the mature dog.

Prebiotics for the digestive system is included.


Food type: dry

Size of the breed: All breeds

Senior years of life

Weight: 6 oz. / 6 pound / 18 pounds / 35 pounds

WHAT WE Valued:

Only fish proteins are derived from wild-caught salmon.

Suitable for dogs with skin problems caused by poor nutrition.

Superfoods, functional fruits, and vegetables are abundant.

Grain-free and free of other difficult-to-digest ingredients


Some veterinarians claim that grain-free recipes cause heart problems.


The Diamond brand includes inexpensive dog recipes. On one of these low-cost diets, these formulas will help your pet stay active and healthy. However, the price of this brand’s products is reduced due to the use of undesirable ingredients such as by-product meal, corn, wheat, and others. These recipes contain no real meat. Diamond is thus a typical low-cost dog food brand.

Among the Diamond products are:






Naturals Diamond dog food is the second brand. I’ve already spent a significant amount of time discussing the benefits and drawbacks of this brand, so let’s move on to the third – Diamond Care.



Diamond Care products are designed with the needs of pets in mind. This brand was founded to make specialized diets affordable to all pet owners, and allow them to extend the lives of their furry companions. These are grain-free adult dog recipes that address a specific health issue. For example, if your pet requires renal support, you can find a recipe here.

The Diamond Care brand portfolio includes:

Renal Formula Diamond Care Rx

Diamond Care Formula for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Stomach Formula by Diamond Care

Diamond Care Weight Loss Formula



The Diamond PRO89 brand is designed specifically for canines who work at their peak performance. There is only one nutrient-dense recipe that contains pork, beef, and ancient grains as protein sources. It contains amino acids to improve the dog’s performance and stamina.



Finally, the Diamond Naturals Grain-Free brand contains only the best ingredients and contains no grains. The first ingredient in these recipes is meat, which is then supplemented with meat meal, peas, sweet potatoes, and other nutrient-dense ingredients. Because of the limited ingredient profile, this brand will suffice for canines with food sensitivities. Among the recipes are:

Grain-Free Diamond Naturals Formula with Cage-Free Chicken and Sweet Potato

Grain-Free Diamond Naturals Formula with Pasture-Raised Beef and Sweet Potato

Grain-Free Diamond Naturals Formula with Wild-Caught Whitefish and Sweet Potato

Because almost all of the recipes are made in the kibble formula, Diamond dry food is an absolute company favorite. There are only a few canned recipes available for purchase.



Customers can choose from a large selection of Diamond dry dog food. The company provides recipes for overweight dogs, extreme athletes, senior dogs, and pets with food sensitivities.

The large selection of flavors will excite you. There are grain-inclusive and grain-free recipes, so you can select the formula that works best for your pet. Grain-based foods include beef and rice, salmon and rice, lamb and rice, chicken and rice, and other flavors. Grain-free formulas are available in a limited number of flavors, but you can still enjoy chicken, beef, and whitefish with sweet potatoes.



Diamond Naturals’ canned dog food selection is somewhat limited when compared to a dry recipe variety. Diamond Naturals is the only brand with three wet recipes.

Beef Dinner Diamond Naturals

Chicken Dinner Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals Lamb Dinner

The paté texture is available in all formulas. To create a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, meat is combined with vegetables, fruit, meat and fish meal, and supplements.


Diamond Naturals dog food ingredients make a good first impression. These are premium products that are high in nutrients, vitamins, and other essentials. Let’s look at the main ingredients and see what they do in this dog food.

The first ingredient in all of the recipes is real meat (chicken, beef, or lamb). Meat meal, which contains three times the protein of real meat, boosts the protein level. Protein is required for muscle development and maintenance. It also boosts the immune system and gives the dog energy.

All grain-free recipes contain whole brown rice, which metabolizes slowly and provides a consistent energy source for the pet.

Sweet potatoes, peas, and pea flour are high in fiber, protein, and vitamins and are used in grain-free recipes. They also contain complex carbohydrates, which provide energy to the dog throughout the day.

However, some of the ingredients are dubious. If used correctly, they pose no risk to the dog’s health, but I’m not sure how much is in the recipes. For example, salt improves the flavor of food but can cause heart problems if used excessively.

Another dubious ingredient is fish meal. There is nothing wrong with fish meal, but not all fish are created equal, so it would be prudent to specify the type of fish used.

Diamond Naturals Recipe

The nutrient ratio in Diamond Naturals varies according to the recipe.

A typical Diamond Naturals recipe contains 25% protein, 15% fat, and 3.5 percent fiber. This is considered normal for a typical adult dog with an average activity level.

The nutrient composition of puppy and high-performance recipes differ slightly. Because puppies and active dogs require more energy for growth and daily tasks, protein and fat levels are increased. For example, the protein content reaches 32% and the crude fat level reaches 22%. (compared to 15 percent ).

The Diamond Naturals light formula, on the other hand, has significantly lower protein and fat levels (18 percent and 6 percent correspondingly).

If you are new to this brand or trying a different formula, I would recommend reading the Diamond Naturals dog food feeding guide first. Because the nutrient ratio varies, your dog may require a different amount of food to stay healthy and avoid overeating or undernutrition.


Diamond Naturals’ food has been recalled several times in the company’s history.

The first Diamond dog food recall occurred in December 2005, and it affected all Diamond brand dog and puppy recipes manufactured in the Gaston facility due to possible aflatoxin contamination. This is a toxic mold byproduct that, under certain conditions, attacks corn. A series of pet deaths and illnesses have been linked to pet food produced in this facility.

Another Diamond Naturals dog food recall occurred in April/May 2012, and it was linked to recipes produced in the same Gaston facility. This company’s food was subjected to four consecutive recalls.


Is Diamond Naturals dog food good? This is superior dog food made in the United States. The Diamond company has several brands, the most popular and widely available of which is Diamond Naturals.

It cannot compete with some of the super-premium dog food brands, but it appears to be a good choice for a common dog and a dog owner on a tight budget.

Diamond Naturals’ recipes contain real meat and meat meal as the main ingredients. They also include grains in grain-inclusive recipes (such as whole brown rice) and substitute peas and sweet potatoes for grain-free alternatives. Fruit and vegetables are added to these formulas to boost the nutritional value of the food. Diamond Naturals recipes contain no wheat, soy, corn, by-products, or fillers, which is a significant benefit.

However, there are some questions about the amount of meat and its relationship to plant ingredients. Even though meat and meat meals are always at the top of the list, the plant content is also high. Dogs’ stomachs are used to eating vegetables and fruit, but let’s be honest. They are carnivores, so they should eat more meat than plants.

At the end of this Diamond Naturals dog food review, I would recommend Diamond Naturals dog food because it is a good brand at a reasonable price.

Quick FAQS Of Diamond Natural Food

Is the dog food Diamond Naturals good?

An above-average brand that produces quality dog food at a fair price is Diamond Naturals. The recipes don’t contain any ingredients that raise questions or red flags. Real meat and meat or fish meal are the first two ingredients used by the company (with meat coming first), followed by superfoods and supplements.

Where is the dog food made by Diamond Naturals?

Their facilities, spread out across the USA, manufacture Diamond Naturals and other food products under their brands. The company operates five factories and makes pet food for other businesses.

Which dog foods by Diamond Naturals are grain free?

Three formulas for the grain-free recipes by Diamond Naturals include chicken, beef, and lamb with sweet potatoes.

The best Diamond Naturals dog food for itchiness is which one?

Superfoods and dietary supplements that support healthy skin are present in every Diamond Natural product. The company has also developed a recipe for Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat that is safe for dogs with sensitive skin. It is a formula without grains made from salmon and fish meal, so it stays away from common allergens that cause skin itching.

Is the dog food from Diamond Naturals field tested?

The Diamond company guarantees that it adheres to the strictest quality and safety protocols at all stages of the manufacturing process, from examining the quality of ingredients that enter the facility to testing the final product before it is packed, though there is no precise information available about field testing.

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