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Best Free Softwares In 2022

Get the best and latest free softwares for your operating system.

This is a mobile world, but we haven’t completely given up on the desktop. Computing requires a complete personal computer system and best free softwares in order to do the real work (and much of the fun).

Free software have long been a mainstay of the desktop experience, and today’s offerings are quite powerful. The software can be expensive. Organizers, photo converters, and audio and video editors are just a few of the many options available for free online. Ad-supported, donation-ware, or a shareware/freemium model can all be used by software developers to keep their products afloat.

It must be available directly from the developer/creator/original publisher to be included in this list. Because we don’t all use the same browser, it should have a Windows-based download rather than browser extensions. Web-based apps that are as good as, or better than, most downloadable applications have been included.

Free versions of software that have a tier-based pricing model are not allowed to be trial versions. At the very least, it should be free for life. Ideally, the program should have been updated in the last year or two, and the program should not have any advertising to support it.

Crapware installers are something to keep an eye out for at all times Free software developers and services often include unwanted features in order to make a buck, even if the software itself is excellent. Installing an unwanted program is made easier by obscuring the process during installation. 

To that end, it’s a good idea to only use desktop software that you can get from the company that created it. 

The best free audio and video software

Free Video Editing Programs


Windows, macOS, Linux

A video editor that has an interactive design and a wide range of features, such as Shotcut, is an excellent choice. Most people underestimate the complexity of this free video editor for Linux-powered devices. In the minds of the average user, it is a simple free download that won’t take too long to master. When it comes to the Shotcut, the steep learning curve is one of its drawbacks.

Shotcut(Opens in a new window) lacks the slick interface found in most other video editors, but it has a lot of other powers that you don’t have to pay for. Multi-monitor setups benefit greatly from this feature because you can easily undock panels as you work.

Best Free Video Player

VLC Media Player

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

For good reason, VLC is one of the most popular multimedia players. Any video or audio file, as well as DVDs and CDs, can be played on it. Since VLC Media Player is so widely used, it doesn’t really need an introduction. A multimedia player that can be installed on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android.

Playing media content from a variety of sources, including files, discs, and external drives as well as webcams and network streams can be done with the help of this application. VLC comes pre-installed with all the necessary codecs, so there’s no need to go out and get them.

Best Free Video Converter


Windows, macOS, Linux

Free and open-source software called HandBrake allows you to convert virtually any video format to a number of current codecs that are widely supported. There are versions of HandBrake for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

HandBrake is a program that lets you change videos from almost any format to a number of modern codecs that are widely used. You’ll love Handbrake because:

  • Change the format of almost any video.
  • Multi-Platform Free and Open Source (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

There are a number of changes that will affect how Windows works. Handbrake has both a portable and an installer version, but the new version with a graphical user interface needs the Microsoft.NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime. Users are asked to install it before the program can be run if it is not already installed. The prompt takes you to the page on Microsoft’s site where you can download the runtime (make sure you download the desktop version of the runtime).

Best Archives For Large Files


Windows, macOS, Linux

Windows can make ZIP files and open them on its own, but if you have another compressed archive, you’ll need a separate application to open it. A lot of them are expensive. 7-Zip is open-source and completely free. You can use the right-click menu in Windows to access it and use it for all of your archiving needs. You can even use a password to send 7-Zip archives securely.

7z File On Mac OS. Just like Windows, the Mac operating system doesn’t have built-in support for opening 7z files. But you can open these files on Mac OS with third-party software like the Unarchiver. The Unarchiver is a piece of software that can open a variety of compressed files.

Best Free Raster Graphics Editor

Windows, which can be stylized as Paint.NET or simply as and is also known as paint dot net, is a free raster graphics editor that was developed using the. NET framework. However, a paid version of is available on the Windows Store. The program was designed to serve as an alternative to Microsoft Paint and includes support for plugins, layers, and other sophisticated editing features.

Check out GIMP if you’re an expert graphic designer who lacks the financial means to purchase Photoshop but needs more features than provides. It has a steep learning curve, but once you get your head around it, you will realize that its capabilities are pretty damn impressive. However, those are not the only choices you have. Check out our compiled list of the best free alternatives to Photoshop for more no-cost programs that can be used for anything from quick and dirty edits to more detailed image alterations.

Paint.NET is not available for Linux & MAC

Best Free Raster Graphics Editor


Windows, macOS, Linux

You can get a replacement for the classic version of Microsoft Outlook by using Thunderbird, which is a web-based email solution that offers you a number of wonderful features in addition to its lightning-fast speed. It is a fully-featured software that doesn’t take up much space on your computer, efficiently filters any spam you receive, and alerts you to any phishing attempts.

Thunderbird is only compatible with versions of Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later, as of the version 52 release. There are several different paths available to you that will allow you to continue using a secure version of Thunderbird even if you are running an older version of Mac OS X. Find out which version of Mac OS you’re using by going to this Apple Support page.

Best Free Raster Graphics Editor


Windows, macOS, Linux

PDF Creator is a remarkable piece of software that gives you the ability to print any document of your choosing and then convert it into a PDF file, which can then be read on any PC that has Acrobat Reader installed. This incredible piece of software supports the password protection and 128-bit encryption that Adobe PDF offers, in addition to a plethora of its other features.

PDF Creator is a straightforward and inexpensive utility that enables you to generate PDF files of a high professional standard. PDFs can be created from other formats, such as PDFs and XPS files, plain text, and various image formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. In addition, you have the ability to set a password for the PDF, edit the meta information of the PDF, and combine multiple files into a single PDF document.

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