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Custom embroidered patches on uniforms can help in many ways.

Embroidery Custom Patches For All Kind Of Services

Custom military patches are an important part of every military uniform. Most are worn to show a person’s rank and which unit they belong to, but others are worn to remember missions and assignments, or just to show pride and spirit. If you are in the military or the police, you don’t have a lot of free time.

Embroidered patches that are made just for you are great because they are easy to put on. You can put them together in two ways. The first is to sew it on, and the second is to pin it on. But using iron-on and velcro to attach the patch is a modern and convenient way to do it.

These custom logo embroidery patches are used on uniforms for the military and police, as well as on hats and name patches, among other things. The caps that these officials wear are an important part of their uniforms, and using embroidered name patches can help tell people apart.

Officers Need To Look Professional

A patch with a custom-embroidered emblem or any other design that represents the officer’s regiment or accomplishment is basically an ad for him or her.

Using army uniform patches is a good idea because these unique patches give any uniform the most professional look. At the end of the day, people respect them because of how classy they look. If you use personalised patches in your embroidery, people will trust you more.

How Different Ranks Are

custom police patches

Using custom police patches helps tell the difference between officers of different ranks. Patches are unique because they stand out right away to people who have never seen them before. Talk to your decorator about the patch’s size, stitch pattern, and thread colour. You can also work with decorators and graphic designers to make a patch that stands out.

Changes for different posts

One of the best things about custom police patches is that they can be used in many different ways. You can change these patches to make them fit your needs. Embroidered patches will work for what you want to do and how you want to look. Since embroidered patches can be made to fit your style, you can get one that really shows what your noble mission is all about. Another great way to help your officers stand out is to put their names on their uniforms.

Use for a long time in a tough environment

hospitality and healthcare patches

You don’t want your officers’ logos or patches to come off when they’re working hard on the job, whether they’re in the field or in training. No matter how many times you wash your clothes, the patch won’t come off or lose its shine. In the same way, they can be washed and dried more than once without losing their shine. They can also be used for a long time in industries with a lot of activity, like manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare.


Direct embroidery makes it harder to wear a garment in different ways than patches do. If the uniform gets torn or damaged, the patch goes to waste with the garment. In contrast, the custom-embroidered patches can be moved from one uniform to another by taking them off and putting them on. Making embroidery patches isn’t as expensive as making cool clothes. For each custom patch, you can choose and describe any outfit that can be worn with the patch. Production costs have also gone down because of new sewing technology and more specialised designs. They are great for people who don’t have much money.

Also, many companies that make embroidered patches, like Embpunch, don’t have a minimum order value. This means that you won’t be charged extra if you order just a few or enough for a large group.

Develop A Persona

Embroidered logo patches

Embroidered logo patches give people a strong sense of individuality and a sense of who they are. Your message and logos can be stitched onto patches that can be sewn onto official uniforms. Good experts on embroidered patches and graphic designers can help you make custom patches that stand out. People will see your rank and emblem, which will help you get more respect.

How to wash the patches on your custom uniform

Almost all clothing now has tags that say how to wash it to keep it in good shape, especially when it has embroidery. Some embroideries, for example, get frayed or lose their colour when washed in certain ways, like in the washing machine or by hand.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to double-check that the needlework won’t get tarnished from detergents and take precautions. You can wipe the needlework with a damp piece of cotton or handkerchief to see if any colour is bleeding.

How to Keep Custom Patches in Good Shape:

police, military, or airforce patches

When you work in the police, military, or airforce, you have a strict schedule, and it can be hard to keep your uniforms in good shape. Here are some tips for keeping your Air Force uniform patches, or patches on any other uniform, in good shape for a long time:

  • All clothes with embroidery should be washed in cold water with a mild detergent.
    • You shouldn’t use chlorine bleach or brighteners that make things look whiter.
    • If you need bleach to wash, use non-chlorine bleach and follow the directions on the box.
    • Machine wash cold
    • If colored residues show up in the water, rinse them with warm water first, then chill them many times until the rinse water runs clear.
    • Take out the washer as soon as the cycle is done.
    • When clothing with embroidery gets wet, it shouldn’t be left soaking wet or in water, and it shouldn’t be piled up when it’s wet.
    • When the wash cycle is done, put the items in the dryer and use the regular setting. (For the best results, we suggest preheating the dryer.)
    • It’s not a good idea to run the stained embroidery, so don’t do it.

Bottom Line

Officers can’t work as a team if they don’t work together and get along. One way to make your teammates feel like a team is to have them wear uniforms or shirts with custom uniform patches. When you start putting custom embroidery patches on your uniforms and other clothes, you and your officers will be amazed at how professional you and your team look. To get the benefits, make sure you choose the right embroidery patch company.

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