Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time Adjusted For Inflation

When it comes to measuring the success of a movie, one of the most commonly used metrics is its box office gross. However, the value of a dollar changes over time due to inflation, so it’s not an entirely accurate measure of a film’s financial success when compared to movies released in different eras.

To adjust for inflation and get a more accurate picture of a movie’s financial performance, it’s necessary to compare their grosses using a constant dollar value. In this article, we’ll take a look at the highest grossing movies of all time when adjusted for inflation.


To determine the highest grossing movies of all time when adjusted for inflation, we used data from Box Office Mojo and adjusted the grosses using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation calculator from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. We only considered movies released in the United States, and we used the widest release figures available.

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“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982)

Adjusted gross: $1,365,104,600

Steven Spielberg’s heartwarming tale of a young boy who befriends an alien stranded on Earth was a massive hit when it was released in 1982. Its memorable characters and themes of friendship and belonging have helped it to endure as a classic of modern cinema.

“Doctor Zhivago” (1965)

Adjusted gross: $1,369,636,800

Based on the novel by Boris Pasternak, “Doctor Zhivago” tells the epic love story of Yuri Zhivago, a Russian doctor and poet, and Lara Antipova, a political activist, against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution and the First World War. The film’s sweeping cinematography and passionate performances made it a hit with audiences and critics alike.

“The Lion King” (1994)

Adjusted gross: $1,525,939,400

Disney’s animated classic “The Lion King” tells the story of Simba, a young lion who must reclaim his rightful place as king after his uncle Scar usurps the throne. With its memorable characters, catchy songs, and powerful themes of responsibility and redemption, “The Lion King” has become one of the most beloved films of all time.

“Jaws” (1975)

Adjusted gross: $1,542,069,200

Steven Spielberg’s suspenseful tale of a giant man-eating shark terrorizing a New England beach town became a cultural phenomenon when it was released in 1975. Its memorable score, iconic characters, and nail-biting action scenes have made it a classic of modern cinema.

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937)

Adjusted gross: $1,557,091,400

Disney’s first animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” tells the classic fairy tale of a princess who takes refuge with a group of friendly dwarfs after fleeing from her evil stepmother. With its beautiful animation, memorable songs, and enduring characters, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” has cemented its place as a timeless classic.

“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” (2015)

Adjusted gross: $1,582,964,200

The seventh installment in the “Star Wars” franchise, “The Force Awakens,” was a massive hit when it was released in 2015

“Gone with the Wind” (1939)

Adjusted gross: $1,792,651,600

Based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, “Gone with the Wind” tells the epic love story of Scarlett O’Hara, a strong-willed Southern belle, and Rhett Butler, a roguish man with a mysterious past, set against the backdrop of the American Civil War and Reconstruction. With its memorable characters, sweeping cinematography, and passionate performances, “Gone with the Wind” has become one of the most beloved films of all time.

“Avatar” (2009)

Adjusted gross: $2,111,757,600

James Cameron’s groundbreaking science fiction epic “Avatar” tells the story of Jake Sully, a disabled Marine who is sent to the planet Pandora on a mission to secure the valuable resource known as “unobtanium.” With its stunning visual effects, immersive world-building, and themes of environmentalism and cultural understanding, “Avatar” became a massive hit and set the bar for modern special effects.

“Titanic” (1997)

Adjusted gross: $2,195,101,600

James Cameron’s epic romance “Titanic” tells the tragic love story of Jack and Rose, two young lovers from different worlds who meet on the ill-fated voyage of the RMS Titanic. With its sweeping cinematography, memorable characters, and heart-wrenching storyline, “Titanic” became a global phenomenon and remains one of the highest grossing films of all time.

“Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Empire Strikes Back” (1980)

Adjusted gross: $2,244,209,400

The second installment in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back” is widely considered one of the best films in the series and one of the greatest films of all time. It continues the story of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo as they fight against the evil Galactic Empire and Darth Vader, and features some of the most iconic moments in cinematic history. With its thrilling action, memorable characters, and powerful themes of sacrifice and redemption, “The Empire Strikes Back” remains a fan favorite and the highest grossing film of all time when adjusted for inflation.


When it comes to the highest grossing movies of all time adjusted for inflation, it’s clear that epic love stories and beloved franchises dominate the list. From “Gone with the Wind” to “Titanic” to “Star Wars,” these films have stood the test of time and continue to be enjoyed by audiences around the world.

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