Non-Human Alien Corpses’ Unveiled in Mexico’s Congress – Shocking Report!

Two ‘non-human alien corpses’ unveiled in Mexico’s Congress
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In a striking revelation, Mexico’s Congress bore witness to the unveiling of two enigmatic entities purportedly of non-human origin. Ufologist Jaime Maussan orchestrated the public presentation of these two intriguing “alien corpses.”

These diminutive “corpses” were put on display for all to scrutinize, with organizers of the event asserting that one of them was a thousand years old and had been “recovered” from Cusco, Peru.

During his presentation to Mexican government officials, Maussan disclosed that these “UFO specimens” had undergone examination at the Autonomous National University of Mexico. He asserted that scientists there had employed radiocarbon dating to establish DNA evidence, leading him to declare, “These specimens are not part of our development on land… These aren’t creatures that were found in the wreckage of a UFO. They were found in algae mines and eventually turned into fossils.”

Who is Jaime Maussan?

Jaime Maussan is a well-known figure in the realms of ufology, a writer, TV personality, and researcher. He previously played a role in investigating the mysterious Nazca mummies discovered in Peru, initially sparking speculations of extraterrestrial involvement due to their unusual appearance, including three-fingered hands and feet. However, these claims were subsequently debunked by fact-checking, which identified the mummy as that of a child, dismissing the alien theory.

The report notes that the discovery of elongated skulls in Peru, akin to those seen in the Gaia video, has also given rise to outlandish speculations regarding alien species. Anthropologists, however, attribute such elongated skulls to an ancient practice known as “artificial cranial deformation,” where young children’s heads were bound with various materials, likely as part of religious rituals.

Several experts have discredited the Nazca Mummy Theory, suggesting that the mummy’s hands and feet could have been manipulated by individuals seeking to perpetuate the hoax, possibly by adding a white coating to conceal alterations. A dozen Peruvian mummy researchers even voiced their opposition, citing violations of national and international norms.

When UFOs Crashed the GOP Debate: Unearth the Extraterrestrial Showdown

The topic of UFOs has been a subject of discussion for some time, with even political figures being asked about their stance on the matter. During a GOP debate, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was questioned about his honesty regarding UFOs if he were to become the U.S. President. Martha MacCallum, also hailing from New Jersey, posed the query, prompting Christie to respond, “Especially coming from a woman from New Jersey, I think it’s terrible that you asked me about UFOs and Martians just because I’m from New Jersey. We are different, but not that much.”

Christie refused to be drawn into the UFO debate, emphasizing that it was the duty of the President to be forthright, whether addressing UFOs or educational matters. He stressed, “It’s the president’s job to tell the American people the truth about everything,” underscoring the importance of truthfulness in the role of a U.S. President.

Adding intrigue to the UFO discourse, a whistleblower asserted a few months ago that the U.S. government had concealed an extensive program dedicated to investigating and reverse-engineering UFOs. This disclosure came from a former Air Force intelligence officer during a congressional hearing. However, the Pentagon disputed these claims.

Major David Grusch, in his testimony before a House Oversight panel, shed light on Congress’s ongoing exploration into “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs), the term preferred by the U.S. government instead of “UFOs.” Both Democrats and Republicans have advocated for increased research into these phenomena due to concerns about potential national security implications, particularly in connection with pilot sightings that may be linked to U.S. adversaries.

Grusch revealed that in 2019, he was asked by the head of a government task force on UAPs to compile a list of highly classified programs related to the task force’s objectives. During this time, Grusch was affiliated with the National Reconnaissance Office, responsible for managing U.S. spy satellites. He disclosed, “As part of my job, I found out about a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was not allowed to have access.”

The whistleblower further suggested that the U.S. government may have been aware of “non-human” behavior as early as the 1930s, raising questions about its knowledge of extraterrestrial life.

These revelations have injected fresh momentum into the ongoing debate surrounding UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena, as governments and experts continue to grapple with the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding.


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