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Best Tips For Wearing Flare Jeans For Short Legs

Petites are advised to avoid flares, but there are a few ways to make this style work for you.

Petite flare jeans are a big trend right now, as are so many other past trends. While they are fashionable, they can be difficult to wear if you are petite.

For many years, Petites have been told to avoid flare jeans and silhouette pants because they can look too bulky on shorter legs.

Having said that, petite women can wear flare jeans and look fantastic doing so. They can be the best jeans to make you look taller if you find the right flare jeans and style them correctly.

Here are some helpful hints for wearing flare jeans as a petite woman

Petite women can wear flare jeans; it’s just a matter of taking a few things into account when choosing this silhouette.

Flare jeans can be a little overwhelming on the body, especially if you’re short.

However, as with all fashion styles and trends, there are variations of flare jeans that are better suited for petite women. Another quick tip for making flare jeans look more flattering on short women is to wear them with high heels – a petite woman’s best friend.

When you combine a flare leg with even a hint of kitten heels, you instantly get a more leg-lengthening effect!

What Makes Flare Jeans Look Good?

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While flare jeans are known for their exaggerated shape, which discourages many Petites from wearing them, they can be an extremely figure-flattering shape to wear when done correctly. There are a few key points to remember here.

When shopping for flare jeans, keep in mind that the bottom “bell” shape should not be wider than your hips. This creates the flared effect while also giving the illusion of longer legs – a major plus for Petites. Flares become too much when they are wider than your hips and shorten your already short legs. When your flare jeans are balanced with your hip width, they help to provide an overall balanced silhouette to your entire lower half of the body.

What Should You Look for in Petite Flare Jeans?

When looking for flare jeans that flatter a petite figure, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, look for options in petite sizes. While hemming is always an option, petite sizing is tailored to your measurements and makes finding a pair of jeans much easier.

Then, look for a pair of flare jeans with a mid or high-rise. Low-rise pants, in general, do not flatter petites because they shorten the leg line. This is why mid-high rise is preferred. Lifting the rise of the pants, even by a couple of inches, dramatically lengthens the leg, which is especially important for flare jeans, which can sometimes make legs appear shorter. That is why the rise is so important.

What length is best for petite women?

Regardless of denim style, petite women struggle with inseam length. However, flare jeans are a little trickier because you want the length to be on the longer side. The general rule for flare jeans is that they should cover MOST of your shoe without reaching all the way to the floor (which can cause them to drag when walking).

This means that when trying on flare jeans, bring the shoes you intend to wear with them the most. This will give you a much better sense of the length and whether any additional hemming is required.

If you need the flare jeans hemmed, bring your shoes with you. Being prepared is essential with flare jeans because the perfect length is SO important.

How to Make Flare Jeans Make You Look Taller and Leaner

How to Make Flare Jeans Make You Look Taller and Leaner

When it comes to clothing, many petite women want to appear taller and leaner. Although flare jeans are known for their ability to shorten the body, they can also be used to create length.

The length is one of the two most important factors in appearing taller and leaner (perfect length tip above)

Second, determine the proper flare width (also found above for more detail).

There are a few other key elements that can help lengthen your shape with this style of denim.

Another tip is to stick to dark denim washes and colors, avoiding anything with a lot of distressing and whiskering, as these can break up the leg line and shorten it. One final consideration is the flare shape, not how wide it is, but rather where it begins on the leg.

As a petite woman, you’ll want to focus on flare jeans with a flared shape that begins right at the knee – this can be a little more difficult for petite women, but it’s far from impossible. This placement is critical because if the flare shape begins higher or lower than the knee, it will make your legs appear shorter and wider.

What should you do if your flare jeans don’t fit?

It’s not uncommon for petite women to have trouble finding pants that fit perfectly right off the rack. Because fit is such an important aspect of flare jeans looking flattering on the body, devoting some extra time to fit will pay off handsomely.

That being said, if they don’t fit you, it’s time to get them altered – if the fit issues can be fixed with a quick alteration, that is. A tailor, for example, can easily adjust the hem and waist width. If the fit is terribly off, you may want to look for another pair to reap the benefits of the flare jean in your wardrobe.

Not all flare jeans are appropriate for petite women.

This may seem obvious at this point, but not every pair of flare jeans will look good on you. Petites should avoid very exaggerated flares, anything with a very loose fit, and light wash options. Otherwise, just remember the previous tips and you’ll be able to find a pair of flare jeans that look fantastic.

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