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According to a report from Deadline, the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo will not be required to pay millions of dollars to settle a civil lawsuit brought by a Nevada woman who once accused him of raping her.

Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, is one of the sports stars with the highest salary and the most worldwide recognition. He is currently a member of the Portuguese national team and plays for the English Premier League club Manchester United. He has also served as captain of the Portuguese national team.

Mayorga is a former model who claims that she met Ronaldo at a nightclub in June 2009 and went back with him and other people to his hotel suite. She also stated that this meeting took place in his hotel suite. In the alleged incident, Ronaldo carried out the assault in her bedroom.

Who is Kathryn Mayorga?

Approximately a decade ago, the 36-year-old woman claimed that the 100-million-pound Portuguese footballer raped her in her hotel room in Las Vegas.

Claims that Ronaldo had sex with a prostitute have always been strongly denied by Ronaldo, calling them “fake news.”

The alleged rape occurred in the early hours of June 13, 2009, according to police.

Ronaldo, then 24, was vacationing in Las Vegas with his brother-in-law and cousin at the time of the alleged attack.

When she was 25, Ms. Mayorga was working as a model in the VIP area of Rain nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort when she ran into the star.

Rape Allegation Lawsuit Against Cristiano Ronaldo

After the alleged rape, she told Der Spiegel that she had been diagnosed with clinical depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ronaldo has asserted that the encounter was voluntary all along. According to police and prosecutors, the decision to terminate the criminal investigation was made by the Las Vegas police department because Mayorga did not identify Ronaldo by name and refused to say where the incident took place.

As part of the settlement, Ronaldo paid Mayorga more than 375,000 dollars. On the other hand, a claim was made that a confidentiality agreement had been broken after articles about the incident were published in the German publication Der Spiegel in the year 2017. Because of this, the woman resubmitted her request for a civil lawsuit. In the lawsuit, Ronaldo and/or his associates were held responsible for the leak.

According to the court documents, a federal judge in Nevada dismissed the lawsuit that a woman in Nevada filed against the international soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. The judge cited “bad-faith conduct” by the accuser’s lawyer as the reason for the dismissal.

The civil case that Ronaldo and the former model Kathryn Mayorga were involved in has been dismissed, according to an order issued by a judge in the United States District Court on Friday. Dorsey criticized the attorney representing Mayorga, Leslie Stovall, for what he called the “repeated use of stolen, privileged documents to prosecute this case.”

US District Judge Jennifer Dorsey wrote in her order on June 10 that she “finds that the procurement and continued use of these documents were in bad faith,” and that “simply disqualifying Stovall will not cure the prejudice to Ronaldo because the misappropriated documents and their confidential contents have been woven into the very fabric of Mayorga’s claims,” the judge said. “I find that the procurement and continued use of these documents were in bad faith,” the judge said.

Additionally, Dorsey dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, which means that Mayorga is not permitted to refile her claims in the same court.

The legal team for Ronaldo has stated that the reports are the result of electronic data leaks of documents that were stolen from law firms and other entities in Europe.

When Mayorga filed her civil suit, the criminal investigation was reopened by the Las Vegas police department; however, in 2019, prosecutors once again decided not to pursue a criminal investigation.

The civil case that was brought against Ronaldo was dismissed by Judge Jennifer Dorsey of the United States District Court on Friday. The judge said that she prevented the case from being refiled and cited Kathryn Mayorga’s attorney, Leslie Mark Stovall, for “bad-faith conduct” and the use of “purloined” confidential documents that rendered the case irredeemable.

According to the claim made in the 42-page document, Ronaldo suffered as a result of the woman’s complaint against him.

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