Flat Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are a classic and stylish choice for any wardrobe, but finding the right shoes to wear with them can be a bit of a challenge. While heels and boots can certainly look great with flares, they may not always be the most practical or comfortable option. 

That’s where flat shoes come in – they can add a casual, laid-back vibe to your outfit while still looking chic and put-together. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best flat shoe options to wear with flare jeans and provide some style tips to help you rock the look.

First, let’s define what flare jeans are and how they differ from other types of jeans. Flare jeans, also known as bell bottoms, have a wider leg opening at the bottom that “flares” out from the knee down. 

This can create a balanced silhouette, especially if you pair them with a fitted top or jacket. Flare jeans can be made from a variety of materials, including denim, corduroy, and even velvet, and come in a range of colors and washes.

Now, on to the shoes! Here are some flat shoe styles that can work well with flare jeans:


Sneakers are always a safe bet when it comes to casual, comfortable footwear. Pair your flare jeans with a pair of classic white sneakers for a sporty, laid-back look, or opt for a pair of statement sneakers in a bold color or print for a more fashion-forward outfit.


Loafers are a great option for a more polished, preppy look. Choose a pair in a neutral color, such as black or brown, to match with any outfit, or opt for a fun pattern or texture to add some interest.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a versatile shoe that can work with many different styles of jeans, including flare jeans. Look for a pair with a lower heel or a flat sole for a more comfortable option.


Sandals are a great choice for warmer weather, and they can work with flare jeans as long as the sandals are simple and minimalistic. Avoid chunky or embellished sandals and opt for a pair with a slim, streamlined silhouette.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a classic shoe that can work with just about any outfit, and they’re a great choice for flare jeans. Look for a pair in a neutral color or a fun, playful print to add some interest to your look.

Now that you have an idea of some shoe options to wear with flare jeans, here are some style tips to keep in mind:

  • Balance is key: As mentioned before, flare jeans can create a balanced silhouette when paired with a fitted top or jacket. This can help to avoid a boxy or frumpy look.
  • Show some skin: Wearing flare jeans with a pair of flat shoes can create a long, lean line, so consider showing a bit of skin to balance out the proportions of your outfit. For example, you could wear a pair of ankle boots with a shorter top or a pair of sandals with a cropped pair of flare jeans.
  • Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles of flat shoes with your flare jeans. For example, you could pair a pair of sneakers with a more formal pair of flare jeans, or a pair of loafers with a casual, distressed pair. Experimenting with different combinations can help you discover new, unexpected looks.
  • Add some accessories: Accessorizing can help to dress up a casual pair of flare jeans and flat shoes. Consider adding a belt, a statement necklace, or a scarf to add some visual interest to your outfit. You could also try carrying a clutch or a tote bag to complete the look.
  • Consider the length: The length of your flare jeans can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your outfit. If you’re wearing a pair of ankle boots or sneakers, a pair of flare jeans that hits at or just above the ankle can create a streamlined, cohesive look. On the other hand, a pair of longer flare jeans that hits below the ankle can look more bohemian and laid-back when paired with sandals or flats.
  • Experiment with color and pattern: While neutral-colored shoes can be a safe choice with flare jeans, don’t be afraid to experiment with color and pattern. A pair of bright red sneakers or a printed pair of loafers can add some fun and personality to your outfit. Just be sure to balance out bold shoes with a more understated top or jacket to avoid a cluttered look.


In conclusion, flare jeans can be a stylish and chic choice for any wardrobe, and there are many flat shoe options that can work with them. Whether you prefer a sporty, casual look with sneakers or a more polished, preppy vibe with loafers, there’s a flat shoe option out there for you. Just remember to balance your proportions, show some skin, and experiment with different styles and colors to create a look that is uniquely you.

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